I love you but your people suck

‘I love you but your people suck…’

This rather interesting statement was possibly the funniest thing I’ve ever hear said in a church service.

To put it in context a little, God called a lady from our church to move out of state to go care for her parents.

In the service on her last week at our church, she gave a short testimony about her time in our church. She started her testimony by telling us that the first week she was there, she walked up the sidewalk towards the front door having a conversation with God.

What she said to Him was: ‘I love you but I have to tell you, your people suck.’ Her experience with Christians was that they are hypocritical back stabbers.

When she walked inside our church she was quite shocked to find a room full of people who really didn’t suck, in fact, the people in our church were (and still are) genuine and loving.

It’s such a disgrace that Christians are so un….Christian so much of the time that we turn people away from God by our words and actions.

We are God’s ambassadors, his representatives here on Earth. We are the face of God to the world. What ‘face’ do they see though?

When people see us, speak to us and spend time with us, do we show them Christ’s love and compassion? Or do they just see us fighting and bickering as much, if not more, than non-Christians do?

We take classes on evangelism and try to learn how to ‘win people for Christ’ through clever words and phrases used at the right time but miss the fact that the single greatest method of evangelism is simply showing people by our lifestyles that we have something they need – the love of God in their lives.

Make a difference in the world – show someone Christ’s love today!