The mysterious book

In sixteenth century Britain, it was illegal to translate the bible from Latin into any other language.

It was held that the bible was too special, too complex to be translated into a language like English and that it was too important to be read by ‘commoners’.

William Tyndale went a long way to changing that, translating the bible into what became the first mass-printed English translation. Much of his work was later used to form the KJV, which is still printed and read today.

Why do I mention this?

Many people today seem to think that the bible is much too difficult for them to understand. Instead, they switch on their TV’s and listen to (and believe) everything that the TV preachers tell them.

The bible, however, is not just there for Pastors and preachers to understand, it’s there for all of us. Believing everything you here on TV is incredibly dangerous. It opens you up to the possibilities of incredibly bad theology. There are many different translations of the bible into English and there is definitely one out there that translates it into words you can understand. Check out just a few of them here

The bible tells us to weigh everything we here against scripture – all of us. God has given YOU the ability to understand His word. it is His message to you and He would not send His message to you in a way that you would have no hope of understanding.

The bible is, at the same time, the simplest and most complex book ever written. It has meaning for us – for you – on a very basic level and on a whole host of deeper levels.

God wants you to pick up His message to you and hear from Him.

There are some methods you can use to study the bible:

Herman who?

Gives an excellent breakdown of something called hermaneutics which is an easy to follow method of bible study. There are also excellent books available such as How to Read the Bible for All Its Worth but more important than anything is getting stuck in and reading your bible every day.

It’s God’s message to YOU and he has something He wants to say to you today, so go on, pick it up and see what your creator has to say.