Explaining red to a blind person

OK… think about it. You’re talking to someone who was born blind.

How do you explain the color red to them? How can you explain what it looks like without them having ever seen anything.

Can’t do it?

OK….. now try to explain God or the need for Salvation to someone who doesn’t know Him.

Pretty hard huh?

Jesus used parables, we use illustrations – why? because they use the known to explain the unknown. They use the known to make the unknown knowable.

Why do I mention this?

Jesus used parables all the time. Very rarely did he try to convince people using a straight argument. He didn’t stand and argue theology with people, He simply gave them a parable to help them understand.

Why then do we, who are far less capable and knowledgeable than He is, try to argue with unbelievers and convince them with cleverly worded responses to their unbelief?

We need to do what Jesus modeled for us – give people a way to understand and come to a knowledge of what they don’t know and understand not by getting involved in a long running argument but by presenting them with the truth in a way that forces them to think.

We need to start using parables. If it was good enough for Jesus, it’s good enough for me!