Oh GOSH will my family PLEASE stop arguing

Bruce posted a fairly well rounded post today about not judging how ‘Christian’ other people are or even whether or not those people are actually saved.

It’s amazing the number of people who have attacked him for it.

In particular, one person, who calls himself ‘Hardliner’ was particularly ‘hard’ on him.

Why, oh why do our family have to argue so incessantly?

Frankly, I’m beginning to not want to be associated with the family.

When people hear that I’m a Christian, they assume I’m a backbiting hypocrite who hates everyone that refuses to believe exactly what I believe.

I think I’m going to start calling myself a ‘Christ Follower’.

I’ll still be your brother and I’ll still love you but I won’t be taking a title which throws me in with every person who wants a platform to preach from and so calls themself a ‘Christian”.

Can’t we all just be ‘Christ Followers’ and love people the way Christ loves us?