Update on my goal progress

It was a good week, in a way.

Since setting myself the goal, on February 11th, of getting into the Technorati top 100,000 blogs and earning an amount equivalent to my Technorati ranking by the end of 2007, my ranking actually started to go down.

This is a good thing if I manage to earn as much as my ranking. My ranking moved from around 311,000 to around 319,000.

Unfortunately (in a way) my ranking then jumped up to 293,376. That means I need to earn less, but I’m closer to my aim of getting into the top 100,000.

I’m doing pretty well on the finance front too. I’ve now earned $1.35. If my ranking stays the same, that means I only need to earn another $293, 375 in the next 10 months – or $29,337.50 per month. No worries then!

I’ll keep you posted on how that goes! (anyone have any idea how to earn $30,000 a month – legally?)

If you’d like to help me increase my ranking, please link to my blog from yours (and drop me a line to let me know) and I’ll link back to yours.


God bless,