Addicted…. to Q-Tips?

Yesterday I learned a fact which instantly brought a whole heap of understanding to my life and thought I’d share it with you:

Using Q-Tips (or any cotton-tipped applicators) to clean your ears out can be addicting.


How many times have I felt like my ears were desperate to be cleaned out only to find that nothing came out on the Q-Tip? 

How many hours have I sat there just dying to (gently) shove one of those beautiful cotton tipped sticks into my ears?

How satisfying is it when I finally do?

My son has been playing with his ears a lot and complaining that they are bothering him so yesterday I took him to the doctor – who could find nothing wrong. So if his ears are bothering him fairly constantly but there is  no hint of infection in there what could be the  problem doc?

“Do you use Q-tips on him?”

Wonderful… my 4 year old son is addicted to Q-Tips.

I was told once that I could make a sermon out of anything and so I’m sitting here wracking my little brain trying to work out how to use this as a spiritual illustration and I’m sure I will probably come up with something one day but right now… I’ve got nothing.

My advice though is, next time you think of cleaning your ears out with a cotton-tipped applicator – don’t do it, it’s a slippery slope!


Disclaimer: The writer of this article does not normally use the Q-Tip brand of cotton-tipped applicator, he uses whatever is cheapest at Wal-Mart.