12DoCC – Day 2 of the Challenge

Day 2 of the 12 Days of Christmas Challenge – how is it going?

If you’re new to the Challenge, it’s not too late to get involved. Read this to find out what it’s all about and start today!

We had a great day yesterday. It was such a blessing to hear from people what God was doing through them and how it was affecting them. Read about it in the comments on yesterday’s post.

We gave in a few different ways yesterday. Among others, we babysat some kids overnight so that their parents could have a date and my wife worked instead of us going out for a date, to help out a co-worker.

Today we went out shopping to buy gifts for kids in our communities who would not otherwise get gifts this Christmas. It’s called Angel Tree and is run by the Salvation Army. Our church pays for the gifts but we have to do the shopping. It has taken us 5 hours so far and we still have to wrap the gifts!

I also gave $5 to some people who were collecting money to pay for the funeral of a 4 year old girl. It just seems wrong to me that people should have to beg on street corners for the money for a funeral. We didn’t really have $5 to give, money is so tight that we can’t even afford to buy each other Christmas presents this year, but I just felt that even if it means we need to eat Top Ramen for a week because we’re out of money it is worth it to help out people in their┬átime of need.

What are you doing to give? What is God teaching you through it?