12DoCC – Day 6 of the Challenge

Day 6! Half way through the 12 Days of Christmas Challenge.

Is it still challenging for you?

How is it going? What are you learning? What is God saying to you?

Are you being changed?

Please leave a comment below to share with us all your experiences in the Challenge.

I had a difficult day yesterday. I gave a little but not really as sacrificially as I would have liked. However, that’s OK. I was ready for God’s call and answered it when it came. God doesn’t have to call me to anything huge, I am satisfied with whatever He gives me to do whether it seems big or small.

I was reading in Acts last night and read something that has never jumped out at me before but which really spoke to me this time:

Peter and John were taken before the Sanhedrin to explain why they preached and healed in Jesus’ name. Eventually they were flogged and told to stop preaching the good news and Luke, the writer, reports the following:

The apostles left the Sanhedrin, rejoicing because they had been counted worthy of suffering disgrace for the Name.  Acts 5:41 (NIV)


They rejoiced because they had been counted worthy of suffering disgrace. Can you comprehend that?

How many times have you worried about what people might say or do or think of you? How many times has your pride got in the way of you serving God?

Peter and John were disgraced in front of the people by being publicly humiliated and reprimanded by the Sanhedrin but they considered that to be a good thing. They believed that it was an honor for God to find them worthy of suffering disgrace. They figured that it meant they were doing something right!

Do you avoid public disgrace or humiliation? Are you afraid of being embarrassed? 

Maybe today you can give up your pride and be prepared to suffer disgrace for the glory of God!