This week's Journey

The tag line on my site is ‘Blogging my walk with Christ’.

Today that’s exactly what I’m doing and yet I feel a little uncomfortable doing it.

I’m uncomfortable because I’m ‘blogging my walk’ and yet I haven’t really reached the destination. I’ve seen a sign-post and I’m telling you about it but I don’t really feel I’ve taken any steps down the road.

Let me explain:

I have found that I hear from God in a couple of different ways but one of the main ones is that He brings up recurring themes for me. I think I must be a little slow or something because it certainly seems like the only way I get it is when He says the same thing to me through 10 different people or situations.

This weekend has been no exception to that and I think I am finally grasping what He is saying but I haven’t yet begun to put it into practice – or even really worked out how I can put it into practice.

It’s all about evangelism.

Now let’s be clear from the outset, what I am talking about here is NOT the gift of the Evangelist, one of the offices of the five-fold ministry, although if you have that gift, you really should be using it.

What I am talking about is simple evangelism for every man woman and child.

I’ll take you down the road God led me on this weekend so you can see what brought me to write this:

  • God first introduced to me that He was going to be talking to me about evangelism when I had the opportunity to spend some time last week with a great guy named Will. This young man has just finished his first semester at a bible/ministry training school in Fresno, CA. We spent some time talking and the subject got around to an evangelism class that he took this semester. We spent some time discussing evangelism in its different forms and I thought nothing more of it.
  • Then on Saturday, I watched a video over at ‘Grace Period‘ which I had seen linked to/embedded on a number of sites (such as Andy’s blog) but had never taken the time to watch. You should really watch it! It’s an atheist telling Christians why they should tell others about Christ at every opportunity.
  • Then I read Sherri’s post last night about how we should be missionaries right where we are.
  • Shortly after that I saw a link on another blog to an awesome video with a very challenging message in which the preacher tells how he led 20 people to Christ in his first year at college simply by giving them food. Watch the video here.
  • Then to top it all off, I read Dan’s amazing post about how he missed an opportunity to share the Good News with the writer Douglas Adams.
OK, so that’s 5 things about simple evangelism in 2-3 days. In the middle there somewhere I also read an article on which really stood out to me. Apparently one football player (Steve Smith) had physically attacked a team mate (Ken Lucas) at training camp, bruising his eye and breaking his nose, and this is how Lucas retaliated (according to the article):

He accepted Smith’s apology. He accepted Smith’s offer of renewed friendship.

And that set the tone for the Panthers’ 11-4 season and chance at New Orleans on Sunday to claim the NFC’s No. 2 playoff seed.

How many would choose the path Lucas did?

“It was a much bigger picture for me,” Lucas said. “The team was bigger. God’s will is bigger. I thought to myself, well, there are a lot of different ways to retaliate. And forgiveness is easy to talk, not easy to do.

The article later goes on to say:

Lucas said he has never worried about being the brunt of jokes.

“God takes the negative away,” Lucas said. “Any non-believer might not understand that and I realize that. But forgiveness is not just for us. It is for God’s glory. I did the right thing.”

What a witness! Ken Lucas has witnessed to his team mates and to the whole footballing world simply by applying Godly principles and being prepared to say so!

So what does this all add up to?

Well, I think the obvious thing is that God is telling me that I need to be more intentional in speaking about my faith.

How is it that I can go days without telling anyone else about the greatness of our God? How is it that I can converse with so many people and not give them any suggestion that I am not who I was but am a new creation in Christ? How is it that people don’t look at me and ask me what the reason is for the hope that is in me (1 Peter 3:15)?

God has been telling me and my church that we have been apathetic and have not been faithful to what He has called us to. 

As I have sought an understanding of what He means and how we need to change, His response to that was The 12 Days of Christmas Challenge. It seems the next section of His response is this. I already know what the next is and it’s going to manifest itself in another 12 day challenge starting soon but for now….

I need to be more intentional about sharing my faith. That doesn’t mean I need to stand on street corners preaching the gospel necessarily but it does mean that I need to be standing up for what I believe in my speech and living the gospel outside of the confines of my house as well as within them!

What are your thoughts on the subject?