Behind the times

Ok, so it’s January 4th 2009 and I’m not sure I’ve posted yet this year.

I try not to make resolutions, they are very bad for you say some mental health workers. However, I do want to make sure that I post regularly and often this year, it’s good for me even if what I write turns out to be somewhat incoherent at times.

I have not been having a very good start to the year. I feel like God is wanting to make big strides with me and I’m either subconsciously pulling back or am under attack.

….or maybe it’s a bit of both!

Anyway. There is a new challenge coming soon. My church were going to start it today but I have been a bit lax there too and had to do some catch-up so we’ll be starting it soon.

For those of you who got involved in the 12 Days of Christmas Challenge, how has it been for you since the challenge ended? Did it make any impact on your life? Did it change anything?

This is something my wife and I have been discussing and something I will blog about this week but I’d love your input first!

I don’t have anything truly deep or life changing to say today so instead I’ll give you a link to something which impacted me deeply:

Charles Hill pointed me to this news report and it truly made me think again about how I approach life, approach sport, approach other people. What’s more important – winning or impacting people’s lives?

Every blessing in Christ,


PS for the tech heads out there…. I decided to boot into Ubuntu for a change to post this from there. My blog looks rather different from Linux – some of yours do too!