How to die to yourself?

crossMy post yesterday was entitled ‘How to live for Christ?‘ 

In it I was trying to ask a question but I don’t think I managed to do so coherently, which isn’t all that surprising at the moment…. So I thought I’d try to ask it a different way.

How does one go about dying to ones self?


This is a big question for me and one which I really hope the combined wisdom of my wonderful blog readers can answer.

We have this phrase in ‘Christianese’ which is worded something like ‘you have to die to yourself’. But what does that mean? and how do we go about doing it?

Sometimes I feel like I’m in a Dilbert cartoon because when I ask this question, the answer just comes back “Well, you know, you just have to get up in the morning and die to yourself.” 

When I ask what that means, they simply change their tone of voice or the emphasis in the statement and assume that I’ll suddenly understand. 

“You know, die, dying, die” “You just have to do it”.


I asked this question on Blog Catalog and got some actually quite good responses from some non-Christians. I’m not sure that from a Christian perspective they were right but from a Buddhist or other perspective they were clear and helpful.

I realize that in my life there needs to be less of me and more of Christ. I get that. I realize that I need to take up my cross daily. Really I do, I understand that it needs to be done. But how?

How do I, in my every day life, die to myself? How do I take up my cross daily?