No more secrets

envelopeI sat down to write my final post in my series on secrets but really had no inspiration of what to write. That doesn’t usually bother me and I tried not to let it affect me – I just started writing.

Almost a thousand words later I realized I was just blabbering and had no idea where I was going or how I wanted to get there. So I stopped.

I’m not going to force it. I guess one of my secrets is that I have a hard time admitting when I’m wrong or when I don’t know something or can’t do something so I’m going to ‘fess up – I was planning on this beinga ┬áthree part series but twowo parts is all I’ve got. Read them here and here.

What I’ve learned from writing about secrets and from the comments people have made is that there is a lot of stuff out there which people are bottling up inside and we need to be giving our friends and family a forum to release what they are secretly so desperate to say.

It takes a lot of courage to tell your secrets but there is great benefit to it – and we need to allow people to receive that benefit.

Part of what keeps people from telling their secrets is that they don’t want to be preached at or looked down on and so sometimes we just need to give people the opportunity to say what they need to say without trying to ‘fix’ them or change them – we just need to offer a listening ear.

See what Kevin wrote on the subject here.