Second-class Christians


I’m learning what it means to be an outsider, outcast, second-class Christian.

I don’t have the money to buy the latest and greatest book. It’s a struggle to just pay the bills.

Since we have arrived in this position it has become clear to me how much of the Christian world revolves around money and how such a large portion of us are excluded because of finances.

There’s always something: Buy this book, go on this retreat or conference, go to this breakfast meeting, buy a CD copy of today’s sermon for the bargain price of 10 times as much as it cost to make  etc etc.

I have been amazed at how we are constantly bombarded by a call to buy things to further our Christian walk.

Is that really what the Church is supposed to be about? Are we really supposed to be developing two communities, one for those who have spare cash an one for those who don’t? Are we really supposed to be creating a little sub culture which looks no different from secular modern culture filled with consumerism and a constant stream of ‘must have’ products to buy?

I think that now I have tasted and seen what it is like to not have and disposable income,  if I had $19.99 to spend on the latest book by Mr-big-shot-pastor I’d now rather spend that money on buying a meal for a homeless person or two or give it to someone to help them pay their electricity bill.

What do you think? Am I out of line? Or is there just too much commercialism in the Church?