TV Shows… if only

I was just listening to Cari Kates on KDUV Christian radio.

Cari was talking about the TV show LOST.

Apparently she loves LOST and she and a friend, who is in another State, watch it at the same time and text each other about it during the commercial breaks. Then, as soon as it is over, they call each other to discuss what happened and what they think it all means.

As I was hearing her talk about this show which, let’s face it, is about paranormal activity, I started thinking how great it would be if people reacted to their bible reading like that.

How awesome would it be if people got so excited about reading the Bible and talking to God that they were texting and calling each other while they were doing it, excitedly sharing what they were hearing and learning?

But no… we only do that for secular TV shows.

…. and people wonder why they are not growing spiritually and why they don’t seem to be impacting the people around them for Christ.