Cash for Gold

cash_4_goldI read this article on MSN News today about an apparent bribery attempt by Cash4Gold. I have no opinion either way about whether Cash4Gold tried to bribe this guy not to say bad things about them but it got me thinking….

Let’s lay out the scenario.

As I’m writing this, the cost of gold is $917 per ounce. NINE HUNDRED AND SEVENTEEN DOLLARS PER OUNCE!!!!  

What Cash4Gold and many other such companies do is wave the high price of gold in front of people like a carrot and seduce them into parting with their old jewelery.

Think about it. That solid gold chain you never wear must weigh an ounce or two – and at $900+ per ounce, that’s a lot of money you’ve got sitting in a drawer.

Here’s the catch though. The $917 is only the price for pure gold (24Karat, I believe). For lower quality gold, as your jewelery almost certainly is, the price is a lot less. You’d also be surprised how little your jewelery weighs!

So you send your jewelery off and they contact you and offer, you let’s say, $100 for the lot. Your heart sinks but they already have your gold and, hey, it’s a hundred dollars that you didn’t have previously so you reluctantly accept.

In general it’s not a good deal. Part of the value in your gold is in the craftsmanship and the design that it is in. Cash4Gold don’t take that into account, they just pay you for the cost of the raw material, minus a little bit to allow them to make a profit. Very often they will sell it without melting it down because they recognise that it has more value than just a lump of gold.

So what does this all have to do with a ‘religious’ blog? Well, let’s see what they are doing:

Cash4Gold and their competitors know you have something of value – your jewelery. They want what you have and so they try to buy it from you cheaply.

They want something of value – but don’t want to pay the full price.

How much does that sound like what people do with salvation?

People want something of value. They want entrance to heaven. A place in heaven is valuable. VERY valuable. Eternal peace, security, happiness, connection with God…. what more valuable thing is there?

So people try to buy themselves a place in heaven – cheaply.

Just like Cash4Gold don’t want to pay the full price for your gold, most people don’t want to pay the full price for eternal peace. So they look to any religion which offers them what they want at a price they are willing to pay, or they come to Christ for salvation but don’t want to pay the full price to him.

You know what I’m talking about. They want fire insurance but they don’t want the ‘burden’ of a relationship with God. They are willing to ‘say a prayer of salvation’ but they are not willing for their lives to be changed.

Cash4Gold may be able to buy gold cheaply from unsuspecting people but God will not be fooled.

I believe we need to wake up and start telling people that there is no cheap way into heaven. 

Jesus paid the price, so the only way is through Him and he will not be fooled by words which are not backed up by repentant hearts that are willing to be refined, changed and purified.

What do you think? Have you seen people trying to get into heaven cheaply? Is anyone telling them that there is more to salvation than just a prayer? Is anyone teaching them that they must repent? Or are we allowing them to think that saying a few words is all it takes? Are we letting people think they can get into heaven cheaply?