Salty Like Blood – book review

Salty Like Blood, Harry Kraus M.D.

A thriller with a masterful ending


I have to be honest with you, as I started reading Salty Like Blood I was beginning to think that I didn’t like my new role of ‘book reviewer’. There were a couple of things I didn’t like about the book at first and I was fearing that I was just going to end up having to write a bad review – but it all came good in the end and I’m left wanting more.

David Conners, M.D. is on the fast track to creating the perfect life when his daughter disappears. Salty Like Blood tells the story of Rachel Conners’ disappearance and the almost total collapse of her father’s life and sanity in the ensuing days and weeks. Will he ever find his daughter? Will he ever find peace?

What I didn’t like is that the book is written partly in the first person style and partly in the third person. To me it felt a little uncomfortable switching between the two styles all the time but I got used to it after a while.

That’s pretty much it for what I didn’t like though so let’s get on to what I did like – and there’s a lot that I liked!

Salty Like Blood is a medical thriller which, from beginning to end, kept me thinking and wondering and trying to work out what what was really going on. There are twists, turns, sub plots and side stories galore which kept me riveted and which the author wove together masterfully. The ending is climactic and, without giving anything away, I have to tell you is completely awesome.

Harry Kraus may not quite be at the level of Patricia Cornwell or James Patterson yet but if he keeps on writing like this, he’ll get there soon!

This is recommended reading, if you love a good thriller.


Salty Like Blood is published by Howard Books and you can find it on Amazon