Becoming a missionary

dumpI mentioned in my update yesterday that God has pretty much made it clear that he wants me and my family to become missionaries.

Passing on that revelation through my blog has caused quite a stir, with people commenting and emailing me so I wanted to take some time today to try to define, in my own words, what a missionary does.

(the picture to the left is of the dump an Honduras where Terri and Marc Tindall minister).

  • A missionary is reminded every day that they are in the mission field just by seeing the people around them. If you’re working in a refugee camp in Africa, it’s hard to forget why you are there.
  • A missionary is focused on sharing the love of God with everyone they meet. Sharing God’s love doesn’t necessarily mean preaching, it can be acts of service or many other things.
  • A missionary knows that everyone is watching them to see if what they preach is true. You cannot preach God’s love and forgiveness without displaying them yourself. You cannot call someone to change if you have not already changed.
  • A missionary is more concerned with taking the good news to those who need it than about their own comfort. They don’t compromise their faith and beliefs just to not take risks at work and they don’t pull back from helping the poor and needy just to protect their possessions.
  • A missionary puts the mission and God’s calling before everything else.
  • A missionary does whatever is necessary, when it’s necessary. You don’t reach out to people by saying ‘no’ all the time.
  • A missionary allows him or her self to be held accountable by others. Reporting back on the work they have been doing helps keep their minds focused on the idea that they should be doing something to report on.
  • A missionary gives up something, or even everything, for the gospel of Jesus Christ.

This is what God started talking to me about. This level of commitment is what he is calling me to.

Let’s say he calls me to the jungles of Borneo. I have to give up all of my comforts and luxuries and go do whatever it takes to reach out to the indigenous people there. WHATEVER IT TAKES.

So here’s the deal. I need to give up everything I have, go wherever he sends me and dedicate my life to reaching people for Him.

Do you want to know where he’s sending me?

Right here, where I live, right now. 

God wants me to give up my life and take up my cross and follow him. He wants me to not just talk the talk but to walk the walk. God wants me to start thinking like a missionary, doing all those things I’ve listed above (and more that I haven’t thought of yet). God wants the all that I would give him if he sent me to Africa, right here, right now. It doesn’t matter to God that I am in the USA. Location is not important – attitude and commitment are

If I could live the missionary life in another country, why can’t I do it here at home?

How about you? Is God calling you to do the same? What has he been laying on your heart as you have been reading this?