Higher Hope – book review

I want to read more….

For me, the greatest compliment that I can ever give a book is to truly want to read more by the same author – so today I get to be complimentary!

Higher Hope, written by Robert Whitlow and published by Thomas Nelson is totally not what I was expecting but extremely satisfying all the same. 

Whitlow is as masterful with legal drama as John Grisham and as adept with complex spiritual and interpersonal matters as anyone I have ever read.

Tami Taylor, a summer law clerk gets pulled into a case at the law firm she is working for by dint of the fact that she has more experience with pentecostal Christianity than anyone else in the firm. We follow Tami as she navigates the moral and ethical minefields surrounding bringing a case against a Christian minister and and the emotional minefield of starting a relationship with someone from a very different background to her.

Tami’s background story is both intriguing and complex and left me wanting to know more. Her innocence and naivety in matters of the heart is both amusing and refreshing and is handled expertly by the author.

Quite apart from enjoying the unfolding story, Higher Hope gave ME hope that there is still a place for God in the workplace and that good, strong, God fearing people can still be found and will still do the right thing regardless of what their surrounding culture may tell them.

Roll on Spring 2010 when the sequel is released. I can’t wait to read it – and I suspect that you will feel the same when you’ve read this.

Higher Hope: Tides of Truth, Book 2 is highly recommended reading.