A letter to this culture

photo_4775_20090222I hope that I will be able to put my kids in little league sports in the next few years, I truly do. I’d love for them to have that experience.

More important to me than that though is teaching them to love and serve the poor, sick and needy. If I have to choose between the two, I know which I will do.

I am disturbed by the comments I hear from some people about how important it is to get your kids into little league and what a bad parent I would be to not sign them up for every sport in the book.

Here’s my response to those people:

  • You think that I am depriving my children by not signing them up for every sport I can find
  • I know I’m teaching them valuable lessons by letting them go out and minister to the homeless with me
  • You think that children need to be part of a sports team to learn teamwork
  • My children learn teamwork by working together to make and distribute lunches to the homeless
  • You say that you want your child to enjoy the thrill of hitting a home run
  • I want my children to experience the thrill of leading one of our homeless friends to Christ
  • You don’t want your children to miss out on part of the American experience
  • I don’t want my children to forget what’s REALLY important
  • You spend hours cheering your children on from the bleachers
  • I hold my children’s hands as we walk across the tracks to reach tent city
  • You spend all kinds of money on league fees and uniforms
  • I teach my children to give even out of the little that we have
  • You hope that sports will help your children develop an aggressive ‘go-getter’ attitude
  • I hope that my children will learn to love the unlovable and care for the rejected
  • Your children will have memories that will last for a lifetime
  • My children will have memories that will last for all eternity

As I said, if I can, I’ll let my kids get involved in all kinds of sports… but if I have to choose, then there’s just no contest!