Becoming a Missionary – part 4

cross1Today I’m continuing my series on what defines a missionary and how I can apply that to my life as I attempt to begin to be a missionary to the people around me.

Today’s definition item is:

A missionary is focused on sharing the love of God with everyone they meet. Sharing God’s love doesn’t necessarily mean preaching, it can be acts of service or many other things.

I blogged yesterday about a guy I met who invited me to worship at his church. It was such a simple act and it was his way of showing God’s love to me.

I then went to a graduation ceremony for the ladies who have graduated from our transitional housing program, which is called ‘Hannah’s House’.

I was really struck by the acts of service that so many volunteers give to the program. There were people there who only had one or two nights a month that they were able to give as volunteers but, you know what, they didn’t say “I can’t give more than one or two nights a month, so it’s not worth it.” Instead they said, “I’m only free two nights a month, is there something I can do to help in that time?”

I was taken aback by their dedication and their willingness to serve.

The ladies in the program couldn’t help but recognise that these volunteers were showing them the love of God. Why else would they give of the only spare time they had to help people they didn’t even know?

I think God’s trying to teach me something here. I think it’s something along the lines of:

Don’t be selfish with your time and possessions and don’t ever miss an opportunity.

It’s easy for me to not take opportunities I have to share Gods love verbally because I’m just too chicken to say something.

It’s also easy for me to miss opportunities to serve people and show them God’s love because I’m selfish with my time.

If I’m going to be the missionary that God is calling me to be, I need to remember 24/7 that that’s exactly what I am and I need to work on never missing an opportunity to show God’s love to someone.

Two questions: How do you ensure that you recognise the opportunities that God gives you? and How are you at taking those opportunities when they arise?