I'm a guest again

Hey Look, A ChickenToday I feel VERY honored.

Anyone who has experienced the phenomenon that is Katdish and her blog, Hey Look, A Chicken will know that her blog is an eclectic mix of deep spiritual thoughts and not so deep, very unspiritual thoughts.

For some reason, Katdish has seen fit to ask me to write a post for her blog. A request to which I quickly agreed, before she could change her mind!

I don’t believe that I could pull off a non-spiritual post of an appropriate quality for Katdish’s blog, so I attempted to go for a spiritual one. Read my offering here: Enjoying the Barbecue.

PS Most of you know I’m going on vacation today. Don’t worry, there’ll still be a couple of families living in my house so don’t bother trying to break in.

While I’m gone, here’s my blog schedule:

  • Wednesday 1st: Guest post on HLAC
  • Thursday 2nd: Guest post on Shooting the Breeze
  • Friday 3rd: Answers to the first set of questions from Ask Me Anything (still time to ask questions, if you want)
  • Saturday 4th: I’ll try to write an update of how things are going in England
  • Sunday 5th: Sunday Thoughts on Celebrities and Me
  • Monday 6th – and on: no plan yet!