Interview with Charles Hill

missionwestIt’s been a while since I did posted an interview. I have a few of them in the pile waiting to be shown the light of day… I just never remember to post them.

This week’s interview is with an amazing guy named Charles Hill, also known as Chazzdaddy.

Charles and his family are in the process of moving to Utah to plant some churches there. The statistics they are coming out with are incredible. Utah is classed as an unreached area. UNREACHED! Right here in America! Crazy!

Charles also heads up The Sticks. A conference for churches in small towns.

Anyway, at the end of the interview, there are some links for you to find Charles on the net but without further ado, I give you Charles Hill!

OK, to start off,  who are you?

Christ-follower, Husband, Father, Church planter in a small town multi-site venue getting ready to venture into the great unknown and plant again. Love sports (life stage includes lots of golf, skiing and working out), theology, music, movies. great food and hanging with the family as much as possible.

So what is your blog about?

How to change the world right where you are. I mainly speak to those who desire to have a BIG impact in a SMALL town. I also write for church planters and our church body.

Why did you get into blogging?

My 52 year-old youth pastor made me.  check him:

How often do you write new posts?

I try to post 5-6 times a week. Sometimes I schedule them in advance, sometimes I wake up in the AM and say, what should I write about today Lord? Sometimes I get a thought and have to get it onto cyber-paper.

What is the best thing about blogging for you?

Helps me refine thoughts in my mind, and I think I have actually helped a few others in the process. It is also a way that I journal.

Apart from your blog, which other blogs would you recommend we read ?

Apart from yours bro…

History in the Making (Ben Arment) for all-around greatness.
Seth Godin for marketing.
Vince Antonucci for church planters.

Thank you Charles for agreeing to be interviewed. Please be praying for Charles and the team as they set out to reach the unreached in America. Y’all can find him on the net here:

Sticks conference:
Twitter: @Chazzdaddy and @Mission_West