If God were real by John Avant – book review

How would your life be different?

John Avant dares to ask a question that most Christians are afraid to ask: What if you actually believed that God was real?

Most Christians would throw their hands up in disgust at this question and would adamantly declare that they do believe He’s real, that’s why they’re Christians.

The problem is, they (or we), might say that we believe God is real but most of the time, our lives tell a different story.

Very different.

This book is written both for those who are, or claim to be, Christians and those who are not. It is for those who believe in God and those who absolutely don’t.

One of my favorite lines from the whole book is: Please don’t miss the real God just because some people who use his name are idiots.

That may be somewhat controversial but, seriously, I hang my head in shame at some of the actions of some people who claim to be followers of Christ.

This book will challenge you:

  1. To look again at whether or not God is really real. Not whether Christianity is right or wrong but whether or not God is really there.
  2. If you believe that God IS real, to look at yourself, your life, your actions, your words, your prayers, your attitudes  and your beliefs and see if they truly reflect what you believe about him.

I absolutely recommend this book to everyone whether they believe in God or not. The writer fairly effectively strips away man-made religion and human practices and presents an effective argument for a radical change in both the way that Christians behave and what non-Christians believe.

If God Were Real: A Journey into a Faith That Matters is published by Howard books and can be found on Amazon.com in both paperback and Kindle editions.