Sunday Thoughts – 23 August 2009

Very quick Sunday thoughts this week as it’s our 12th (that’s silk) wedding anniversary today and I want to get back to my wife.

I got sunburned this summer. It was the strangest thing. I bought some sunscreen – factor 50 no less – and I applied it liberally on Sunday morning. All over! Every last bit of skin had the stuff lathered on thick. I was so well protected, I could have stood on the surface of the sun and not got so much as a tan.

I spent the week outside in the sun and, weirdly, by Friday I was burnt to a crisp. How could that happen? Why did I succumb to the rays of the sun? I wore sunscreen. Lots of it too. What went wrong?

Well… It turns out that one coating of sunscreen on Sunday doesn’t last a whole week!

It’s very much the same with God. An hour and a half with God on a Sunday morning doesn’t immunize me (or you) against the evil and temptations of the world for a whole week. When the bible talks about putting on the whole armour of God, it doesn’t just mean doing it once, it means we should put it on every day. That means spending time in prayer, worship and the bible daily.

Don’t expect one great God experience on Sunday to last seven days!

Thank you to @tonyyork for reminding me of that this week (via Katdish).

One prayer request. My father is going into hospital in England tomorrow to have his prostate and some other stuff removed as he has prostate cancer. Could you pray for him and my Mum (Mom) and the surgeon! Thank you!