Sunday Thoughts – August 30th 2009

All who are Thirsty

All who are thirsty.
All who are weak.
Just come to the fountain
Dip your heart in the
stream of life.

Let the pain and the sorrow
Be washed away.
In the waves of His mercy
As the deep cries
out to you.

Is there any song  which better encapsulates the message we are taking to this world today?

We don’t see it because of all the ‘stuff’ that our capitalist consumerism surrounds us with but we are all thirsty and all weak and all of us carry pain and sorrow.

Let’s get out there this week and invite people to come to the fountain of life and let their pain and the sorrow be washed away in the waves of Christs mercy.

Take God’s message of mercy, grace and love to the world. Be The Church this week!