Sunday thoughts – July 9th 2009

I have been overjoyed this last week or so at some messages I have recieved and they have really helped me see how important it is that we share.

The first message was from soneone who was having trouble sleeping. We both agreed to pray about it and the next night, she slept eight hours for the first time in many months.

She sent me a message the next day which said:

PETER!! PETER!!! He heard us!!! 8 hrs STRAIGHT!!! Ahhhh I feel like a new person…I might actually get something done today. ;0)

The next was when I posted a message about the dentist visit that I had asked people to pray about. The visit turned out to be much cheaper and less painful than I had anticipated and someone sent me a message saying:

Great to hear, I prayed, he answered…SWEET!

I have also recieved many other such comments and praise reports about what God is doing and I’ve received a couple of very encouraging letters from people giving me a lift and pushing me to move forward with my books.

What I’ve seen from all of this is that there is great benefit in sharing our needs and dreams with others.

If I share something with you and you pray about it for me, then, when God answers, it’s not only me that’s rejoicing and praising God for answering my prayer but you get the same benefit. You get to see God at work, listening to you and answering you.

A problem shared may be a problem halved, but in the kingdom of God, a problem shared is also an opportunity for rejoicing shared.

I want to encourage you today to be a little more open to sharing your prayer requests and a little more willing to hear other people’s prayer requests and pray for them.

That’s one of the things that the Church is here for, to lift each other up in prayer and share in the celebration when those prayers are answered.

Be the Church this week. Share, pray and rejoice together!