Sunday Thoughts September 27 2009

I’ve been reading through the book of Numbers this week and have been astounded by how many times the Israelites turned against God.

They would see a sign from God, be given a gift by him and then quite literally the next morning would turn against him again.

Some of the accounts I read left me shaking my head wondering what on earth was going on in their heads. How did they reject him so quickly?

That made me think of the Jews in Jesus’ time singing “Hosanna! Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord” As Jesus rode into Jerusalem on the donkey… then just days later they were shouting “Crucify him!” at his ‘trial’.

It was with great sadness that I realized that I am not any different. I can have an awesome God-experience one day and then reject him the next. The spiritual ‘high’ from church on Sunday rarely carries over to Monday.

In reality, if I was one of those Israelites in the desert, I would have been grumbling and complaining along with the rest of them.

That’s something I need to remember as I go about my week – I need to check my attitude every day, multiple times a day or I’ll quickly become one of those shouting “Crucify him!”