Tech Tuesday – special giveaway

heavenlyhostsSome of you may know that one of the multitude of things I do with my time is run a small website hosting business.

I aim it at small churches and ministries who want to take their first steps into the big world of having a website or blog.

Today, as part of my one year blogiversary celebration, I am running a special secondary giveaway on top of the main one.

The prize is this:

  • 1 year of free domain registration of the domain name of your choice with the extension .com or .org (subject to availability)
  • 1 Year of hosting for your website or blog on that domain name
  • Up to10Gb of monthly bandwidth
  • 100 Email addresses at your domain
  • Either a Windows or Linux server

The value of the prize is aound $70 but there is no cash alternative.

If you had been thinking of trying WordPress out or setting up your own website, this giveaway is for you.

There’s one caveat though… I want to keep this special giveaway as small as possible. I don’t want every Tom, Dick and Sally on the net finding out about it. I really want it to be one of my regular or new readers who wins so here’s how to enter:

Each person who enters by leaving a comment below will be assigned an entry number. On Thursday 10th September 2009, I will use the random number generator at to pick a number and the person matching that number wins. Simple as that.

If you’d like to share it with your friends, a tweet something along the lines of “Another boring Tech Tuesday post by @peterpollock [URL]” should be sufficient to not bring in the barbarians!

So, if you’d like a year of free hosting, leave a comment below and I’ll get you in the drawing.