Think Jesus – guest post by Russell

I’m very excited to be starting a new feature on this blog where once a week or so, I have someone be a guest blogger for me.

This blog is all about rediscovering who the Church are and what better way to do that than to let them speak?

Hopefully, every week, we’ll hear from somebody new, somebody uniquely created and uniquely gifted who can share whatever it is that God puts on their unique heart to share with us.

If you would like to be a guest blogger, I’d love to have you do that, just write a post that you’d like to share and send it on over. I’ll schedule you in as soon as possible.

Today’s post is written by Russell from Bullets and Butterflies. Russell also twitters under the name @luvstomp, I’m sure he’d be glad if you gave him a quick follow!


chocolatecakeThe first person I met who publicly attacked Christianity was an English professor at the University of Kansas. He was a likable guy, but whenever he quoted the Bible he made sure to call it Christian Mythology. He inflected his voice one octave higher and spoke slowly when he said the words Christian Mythology. No one challenged him. Everyone wanted to pass the course.

Later, during graduate school, I witnessed followers of Jesus ridiculed and intimidated in the classroom for their belief that Jesus is the only lasting answer to an ever faster collapsing humanity.

These were non-political, humble followers of Jesus. They were afraid. But, their faith and perseverance, all rapped in love, taught me so much.

Last week out of the blue, while we were climbing out of our van, my six-year-old son Lucas said – Jesus came into the world to show us what good is.

He said it like – Jesus can show us chocolate cake tastes great, or Jesus can show us water slides are cool, or Jesus can show us birthday parties are fun.

Lucas said it like there is no way we could enjoy any of these things if it were not for Jesus.

The hair on the back of my arms stood up….  I knew Lucas was right.

The Bible teaches us that although our faith will bring us internal peace, we can expect to suffer at times for following Jesus. As one Christian writer put it, the people who attack us are not the enemy, but hostages to the enemy. They are also God’s children.

In time some of them will come to recognize the author of everything that is good and the eternal truth Lucas unknowingly spoke about.

And, for some it will be the hope, the faith, and the love we reflect . . . while we suffer for our belief in Jesus . . . that will draw them home.

. . . Father, above all else, thank you for your Son, Jesus Christ. Father, thank you for little children who teach us big lessons about Your love for us. Father, we pray for those who do not know Your love and peace. Father, command our spirits to act in love, so that You are glorified. In Jesus name we pray . . .

Thank you, Russell, for sharing with us today. Go visit Russell and discover more about who he is and what he brings to this wonderful family, the children of God.