Blog Carnival – Obedience

Welcome to the first RTC Blog Carnival.

The idea is simple. Anyone and everyone who wants to join in just needs to write a blog post on the word ‘OBEDIENCE’. (This was inspired by Bridget Chumbley’s One Word at a Time blog – credit for picking the word ‘obedience’ goes to Ginny from Make a Difference to One)

What does Obedience mean to you? What is God saying to you about Obedience? Do you have any funny stories about Obedience? Whatever you want to write about obedience is fine.. just write your post and then share a link to it using the funky Mister Linky widget below.

You can check out what all the other carnivalees (is that even a word?) have written by clicking on their links in Mister Linky. My post is below, if you’d like to read it!


My post: One Word at a Time – Obedience

One of my favorite bloggers is that awesome pastorly dude, Trey Morgan (Twitter, Blog).

On Sunday, Trey tweeted:

Really poured my heart into this morning’s sermon. Wish I would have known so many were going to miss, I would have saved it for a later 🙁

I love his honesty but there is also something to be learned from that statement about obedience.

Pastors often find that God lays something on their hearts to preach about and they decide to hold it off until a ‘better’ time.

It can be very tough when you have an awesome message and there are people who you really think need to hear that message that you know won’t be there. It’s so easy to start second-guessing God’s timing. When that happens, although he may be telling you to preach it that week, it can be very tempting to think you know better than God and essentially disobey his direction for you to preach it when he says to.

It’s these ‘little’ acts of disobedience which are so much harder to control in your own life – and can even be harder to notice.

If an angel was to appear before you and tell you that God wants you to move to Borneo and plant a church there, it would be very obvious to you whether you were obeying or disobeying. You either say YES or NO. Simple.

However, when God whispers in your ear on Sunday morning, “Tell your pastor that you appreciate him/her” and you put it off a few days (or weeks), it’s not quite so easy to see that you’re being disobedient. After all, you’re just “trying to find the right time”.

I am glad that Trey Morgan preached the message God gave him even though it felt to him like there could have been a better week to preach it – and I’m very glad that he was so open about his feelings because it’s these little acts of obedience which are so important.

Being obedient in the small things is every bit as important as being obedient in the ‘big’ things. Obedience builds character and relationship with God.

Jesus preached more than once about how those who prove themselves trustworthy with the small things (read, ‘those who are OBEDIENT with the small things’) will be given more.

Personally, I’d much prefer that when I face my maker on judgement day he says, “Well done, good and faithful servant.” than, “well, you were a cantankerous, disobedient little one, weren’t you?”

Do you find it easier to be obedient in the small things or the big things? Or is it a bit of both?