Friday roundup

*** UPDATE *** I just found out that today I am guest-posting on Michael Hyatt‘s blog. Come read what I wrote about not leaving the ‘social’ out of Social Media!

Next week I’m having a week devoted to blogging about child sponsorship and related issues so I’m busy trying to write and assemble posts for that, not to mention the blog carnival that’s going on over at Bridget’s place on Tuesday (it would be awesome if you join in with that, by the way, the topic is: Community).

So today, I’m going the easy route and linking to some of my favorite posts from the week in no particular order:

  1. Why I don’t want anything on my birthday – by Jennifer Schuchmann
  2. What churches can learn from AA meetings – by Mike Ellis
  3. Easy-Peasy-Mac-and-Cheesy – by Jason Stasyszen
  4. Untitled – by Katie
  5. Never be affectionate with your wife at a funeral – by Trey Morgan

They’re all wonderful posts. If you haven’t read them, I totally recommend them all.

Finally, here’s a quick poll for you all. I’m looking at redesigning my blog and have come up with an alternative, can you check it out over at my test site (click here) and then vote whether you like the current one or the new alternative best:

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