Pick Me! Pick Me!

pick meI posted the first eight verses of Isaiah 6 on Thursday because I read them and wanted to share them with everyone.

Today I read them to my family in Church and we started discussing how we would respond if we heard God saying “Whom shall I send?”

My six year old daughter commented that in today’s language, we probably wouldn’t say “Here am I. Send me.” but we thought we might say “Ooo, pick me, pick me!”

Is that how you are with God? Do you hear of works, ministries and missions and go home saying to God “Ooo, pick me! I’ll do it!”

Or do you instead pick and choose and assess how much you think you’d like doing whatever it is? Do you just automatically reject anything that doesn’t sound like it’s your kind of thing?

What’s interesting about the passage in Isaiah is that God says “Who will go?” He doesn’t say where or when or what he wants done, he just asks “Who will go for us?”

I think sometimes we need to stop looking at the details, stop demanding to know everything in advance and stick our hands willingly in the air and say “Pick ME!!!!”