Sunday Thoughts – 29 November 2009

Michael Hyatt created a list of twittering pastors today (see it here) and suggested that we pray for those who are in leadership in the church.

I just love the variety in the people in Mike’s list, check out some of them in the screenshot below:


In this list we have everyone from Mark Driscoll and Andy Stanley to Fathers Peter Preble and James Cole.

It excites me what this shows about the variety in the Church. Sure, we need to be more united and yes, we all have our problems and our areas of ‘poor’ theology, but we are all on Church, serving the One true God and working to bring people to him.

This is the Church I’m rediscovering – and I LOVE it!

Mike’s right though, we don’t pray enough for each other and particularly for those in leadership. We’re quicker to complain about something they do or say than we are to get on our knees and pray for them. We demand that they deliver the perfect’ message on Sunday but we put no time in ourselves uplifting them in prayer and asking that God will give them the right message for us to hear – and that he will open our hearts and ears to hear it.

So today, I’d like to invite you to join me in following Michael Hyatt’s lead and pray for pastor’s everywhere that God will strengthen, encourage, uplift and restore them that they may boldly proclaim his word to all the world!

Will you join us in praying for Pastors?