I'm only human

OK.. yesterday I made a HUGE mistake online, which shows how human I am and how careful we all have to be.

Somehow or other, I have got it into my head that Solomon was the product of David’s extra-marital rape of Bathsheba. Once again, I read Solomon’s name and that same crazy, incorrect belief came to the forefront of my mind and so I tweeted about it, posting my incorrectness as fact on twitter, facebook and myspace.


Yeah, I’m human. I’m fallible, I get stuff wrong all the time – and I apologize to anyone I’ve misled.

It reminded me though that you can’t believe everything you read or hear, even if it comes from someone you really trust.

We’re all human. We all get stuff wrong. No matter how wise and knowledgeable we are, we sometimes get things wrong – and some of us more than others 🙂

I want to encourage you today to remember to check for accuracy what you hear and read before you inadvertently commit something that’s inaccurate or untrue to memory and especially before you pass it on to others!

(Especially if it comes from me 😉 )