Merry Christmas One and All

I have met some incredible people over the last year and a half that I have been blogging (and later tweeting).

In fact, there is nobody that I have met who isn’t absolutely incredible.

If I actually take a moment to stop and consider each person I know both online and offline, I see that you are all unique, special, gifted, talented and downright amazing!

I’m not going to list you all by name for fear of missing someone and I don’t wish to offend anyone so instead, just know that whoever you are and wherever you are, I appreciate you and am glad to call you a friend.

On this Christmas day, the day we celebrate Jesus being born as one of us in that little town somewhere around 2000 years ago, I thank God for the free gift of salvation that he gave us through his Son, Jesus.

I thank him also for the mercy he shows on that when we come to him for forgiveness, he removes our sin from us so we don’t get what we deserve.

And for his grace in giving us new life through his Son whose birth we are celebrating.

Finally, I thank him for YOU. You make my life better, richer and more interesting!