What's This Blog About?

youContrary to what my self-centered ego might tell me sometimes, this blog is not written for me, it’s written for you.

Sure it’s somewhat of a journal but (supposedly at least) it’s focus is to share what I learn with others. It’s about me sharing with you and, through feedback in the comments, learning from you and with you.

It is my desire to write posts that are both worth reading and readable. That may sound obvious but with at a lot of blogs, the writers miss either one or both of those concepts on a regular basis.

My writing skills aren’t great, so I’m working on them but at the same time I’m also working on blog layout and, more importantly, content accessibility (making it easier to read).

As a part of all that, I have started looking at what I blog about. I thought I could separate it up into three basic areas but when I sat down today to define those areas I realized that my content is not as cut and dried as that.

Blogs Need a Focus

The general consensus, as far as I can see, is that all blogs should have a theme, or a few major themes. Readers need consistency. Take Billy Coffey for example. Billy’s blogย is called “What I Learned Today“. Readers can be fairly certain that when they arrive at his blog, they will find a well written story of a situation Billy found himself in and the spiritual lesson he learned from it. It’s consistent in its focus.

My blog is not so cut and dried. It’s a bit of a hodge-podge really.

I started out blogging about the Church but then I became quite passionate about social media so I started throwing in some ‘Tech Tuesday’ posts aimed at helping people make the most of social media. I sometimes do book reviews and on Sundays I often post my ‘Sunday Thoughts’. Sometimes I have rants about whatever I feel like ranting about and then there are the times I just want to teach on whatever it is God gives me to teach.

That’s six different focuses for one blog… which may be too many. Not to mention, of course, all the other posts that don’t fall under any of these categories.

Over to You

So, the purpose of this post is to ask for your input. I can sit around all day postulating on what I think my wonderful readers get out of my blog and how I think they see it but the only way to really know is to ask them… or, more specifically, to ask YOU.

If you could find the time to answer these questions, I would very much appreciate it and your answers will hopefully help me to refine this blog a little further.

I want the three main focuses of this blog to be:

  1. Church Unity. Helping people see that this wonderfully diverse group of people are all on family, one body in Christ. (That’s the Rediscovering the Church part)
  2. Using Social Media Well. I want to help people use blogs, twitter, facebook and all the other social media applications in the best possible way for their needs.
  3. Promoting and Assisting Authors. Everyone needs a helping hand. I want to be that helping hand to people as they aspire to be (and then become) published authors.

So my questions are:

  • In your opinion, does this blog meet the goal of focusing on the three areas listed above?
  • Does this blog seem consistent to you in its focus and topics? If not, is that a problem?
  • Is what I write useful?
  • What can I do to improve this blog?

Thank you,