Spotty blogging

OK.. so most of you know that I’m finding it hard to… well, to do anything at the moment and this blog is certainly suffering because of that. My blogging has been very spotty of late.

Id like, therefore to take this opportunity to open Rediscovering The Church up for guest posts.

I’ve run guest posts before and they’ve all be fantastic and have really shown some of the amazing variety in the Church.

So, if you’d like to write a guest post for this blog, I’d love to have you write a post for me, whether you”ve been a guest blogger in the past or not.

Having a little help keeping things from going stale would be a great help right now! I’d really appreciate it.

If you’ve already sent me a guest post and I haven’t run it, please forgive me, it must have gotten lost in my inbox, please give me a kick and remind me and I’ll go hunting for it!

Thank you one and all,