Sunday thoughts, January 24th 2010 – God is God

I realize that my blog posts, facebook updates and tweets over the last month or so have been more than a little on the down side.

I don’t believe in hiding things, I prefer to be open and honest. It doesn’t seem to me that hiding the truth, hiding reality does anyone any good.

I am very pleased and grateful that many of the comments I have received have borne out the truth of that, with quite a few people seeming very relieved to discover that it’s OK to say “I’m not OK

What I realized today though, as I read Psalm 22 is that some people may look at my current physical, mental and emotional state and question God or even the existence of God.

I want to take this opportunity therefore to say that this is not about God. Sure, God can fix me in an instance if it is right for him to do so but he’s not a genie in a lamp that I can just order to do my bidding any time I want.

God is God.

God is in charge. He has a reason for letting me go through this and no matter how much I or anyone else may want to blame him, he is guiltless and sinless and has done nothing wrong.

God is holy, pure, just and loving. He knows best because he knows all. The tiny part that I can see is insignificant compared to the immensity of His knowledge and understanding so I will NOT question him – and neither should you.

I don’t understand what’s happening to me right now but God is still on the throne and I will ever praise and worship him.