My Valentine

Today, my wife and I are celebrating St. Valentines day.

I’m not big on celebrating ever commercial rip-off day that the greetings card companies come up with but February 14th is about romance and love and commitment and I AM big on those things.

My amazing wife is working all weekend so we’ll hardly see each other on the day itself so we’ve decided to celebrate it a few days early – after all, it’s not the date that matters but the feelings and sentiment.

My beautiful wife, Debbie

Today, in honor of my wife and this celebration of love, I am dedicating this blog to her. Those of you who have visited before may have noticed that I’ve swapped out the tree on the right-hand side for a picture of us and have changed the banner at the top of the front page.

I can’t say enough about how much I love my wife and how amazing she is. I am so honored and proud to be her husband and I marvel daily as to why she would ever have chosen me.

After God made Debbie, he broke the mold because he decided that the world wasn’t big enough for more than one person as incredibly beautiful, intelligent, loving, caring and wonderful as she is.

We’ve been married for twelve and a half years now and my one wish is that we had met earlier so that we could already have spent more time together.

To me, marriage is the ultimate public declaration of love, commitment, friendship and devotion. To say I’m married to my wife is to show that she, above all other women on the planet has my heart, my loyalty and my passion.

God alone comes before my wife, and she would want it no other way. Besides the inestimable gift of my salvation by Jesus Christ, meeting and marrying Debbie is by far the greatest thing to have ever happened to me.

In case I’m not being clear:


I just thought you should know!