What would you do?

Imagine for a moment that it’s a warm, Saturday afternoon in the middle of summer.

You’ve mowed the lawn and are sitting inside having lunch and some refreshing lemonade with your family.

Suddenly, everything begins to shake violently, cracks start appearing in the walls, bits of plaster are falling all around you and things are crashing to the floor from shelves all around. The kids are screaming and you jump up and drag them outside as quickly as possible.

Moments later, the house crashes down behind you, leaving a pile of sticks and rubble looking something like this:

houseYou look down the street and see total devastation:

neighborhoodYou realize you left your wallet, phone and everything else inside the house – including your car keys, which wouldn’t matter anyway because your car looks a little like this:

carYou hear a baby crying underneath the rubble of one of the houses down the street and run over to help. The house is almost completely destroyed except for a couple of walls in one corner which just happens to be the baby’s room. as you start to pick your way across the rubble to the room, you see the mangled and bloodied bodies of the baby’s parents lying lifeless under the boards you’re standing on.

Reaching the baby, you life her from her crib which was miraculously untouched by the devastation.

What do you do now? Seriously, what would you do?

You left your wallet inside the house, if you try to go to the bank, that won’t help because it looks like this:

bankYou have no money, no transport, no food, no water, nowhere to shelter, no clean clothes, no diapers for the baby, no sanitary supplies, NOTHING.

What would you do?

Where would you even go to the bathroom?

Think about it for a moment. what would you do? How would you feed your family? How would you even give your kids a drink when they were thirsty?

You might find a little money in your pockets but even if you can get to the store, it probably looks like this:

storeThen there’s the immediate problems to deal with. You can hear screams and cries for help coming from the collapsed buildings all around you. How do you get people out? More importantly, what do you do for those you can’t get out right away? How do you comfort them? How do you stop the screams?

What about your friends and other family? Are they safe? Did the building they were in survive? How do you find out with no phone and no car?

Do you sit and wait for the authorities to help? Are they even coming? If so, When will they get to you?

Think about it. What would you DO?

This is the situation that hundreds of thousands of people around the world are suddenly faced with every year as natural disasters strike around the globe. It’s the situation faced by those affected by hurricane Katrina, it was the situation faced by people in Indonesia after the tsunami hit and it’s the situation faced by the survivors of the earthquake in Haiti.

Put yourself in their position for a moment. What would you have done that first day? How would you have survived and kept your family alive? How would you have coped with the cries from your children as their hungry bodies begged them for food and water?

Would you have been there alongside the people looting stores, desperate for food and supplies after not eating for days?

How about now, weeks after the event when there seems to be no hope for recovery?

Thousands are still living in tents, totally dependent on handouts for food and water. There’s little or no prospect for jobs. No way to produce their own food, no security at night, no privacy, no heating or air conditioning – and a rainy season on its way.

Put yourselves in their situation today – and then consider what you have done and are doing to help.

Luke 6:31 Do to others as you would have them do to you.