A Blog You Should Read

I haven’t been talking much on this blog lately about my journey to rediscover the Church. Come to think of it, I haven’t been talking much about anything on this blog lately.

The direction my life has been taking recently has led me away from focusing so much on the church. Our Nothing To Give project involves non-Christians as much as it does Christians.

However, there are some wonderful members of the Church that I have had the privilege of getting to know over the past year or so that maybe I haven’t said much about so I want to start introducing you to some of them.

This week’s focus is on Gail Hyatt (Blog | Twitter). Some of you may already know her or read her blog and if you do, I’m sure you’ll understand why I am writing about her.

Gail is a wonderful writer, encourager and child of God. Her insight and understanding of spiritual principles and her ability to convey through her blog what God is teaching her are second to none.

In fact, I’m tempted to say that she is my favorite blogger from her family – and that’s saying something because her husband and daughters are pretty great writers themselves.

I absolutely recommend that you stop by her blog and check out her latest offerings – and return often to bathe in her amazing words of wisdom and encouragement.

You can find Gail’s blog, which is called ‘Treasure Hunt’ here: http://gailbhyatt.wordpress.com/