Sunday Thoughts – March 21st 2010

Snow is white, clean, beautiful.

I love waking up on a winter’s morning and looking out of the window to see a blanket of fresh, white snow covering the ground.

Fresh snow reminds me of purity, of truthfulness, of perfection.

Give it a week or two in this world though and that snow no longer looks so pure, so perfect. Instead, that once clean and pure blanket is looking trampled, disheveled and dirtied.

It doesn’t take long for the world to have its sullying effect on even the thickest of snow-blankets.

As I thought about snow this morning, I was reminded of how quickly we, as Christians can be affected by our time in the world.

Just as snow picks up the dirt of the world, so do we.

That’s why it is so important to spend time regularly with God and in fellowship with other believers. Those are our cleansing times, our times of renewal – the times when our blanket of snow is refreshed.

Remember this picture when you spend too much time away from God and other Christians, because just like the snow in this picture, your purity will soon be sullied and smothered.


Many thanks to my friend Richard McFarlane for this wonderful picture to illustrate my thoughts.