Prayer Request

Hi Y’all,

Today (Monday) we are having another visit from the very nice reporter from our local newspaper who wrote an article about our Hot Dogs for Haiti fundraiser.

Victoria, the reporter in question, is coming to interview us about our next project, one which I feel could be a game changer, a city changer if everything goes right.

I’ve already explained a lot about it in my email to Victoria and my email made her want to come out to see us so that seems to be a positive thing but I’d like to ask for prayer for three things:

  1. That we will know exactly what to say to Victoria and exactly how to answer her questions.
  2. That Victoria (and the newspaper) will be excited about the project and willing to help. We really need their help to make it a success.
  3. That my wife (Debbie) gets home in time for the interview. She’s at a training course all day, which isn’t scheduled to finish until after the interview is over, but we hear they often get out early so if you can pray that she gets out on time to get home to be there with me, that would be wonderful!

This is the second time Victoria has interviewed us about things we’re doing in our community in less than a month – and also the second time we’ve ever been interviewed or potentially made it into the paper.

That’s a little scary for us and we’re not sure where God is taking us.

Actually, maybe we do have a fair idea and where we think we’re going scares us even more than not knowing 🙂

We’re going to walk forward, following God though and whatever he asks, we’ll do. Scary though it may be!

Thanks, guys and gals!