You Can Be Creative With Social Media

Creativity astounds me. Constantly.

What’s more, the creativity I see on the internet every day just blows me away.

Every blog and website I visit has it’s own unique design and feel and has an amazing person (or people) behind it filling it with content.

Creativity is just gushing forth on the internet in ways it has never been able to before.

When else in history has there been such a huge, open and instant platform for people to share their creativity, talent and ideas?

Take @Katdish for example.

Katdish took this:

and turned it into this for

That’s creativity for you!

She then went on today to get creative with ways to thank people.

I helped her set up her new blog, and as a VERY creative way of thanking me, she invited me to write a post on her blog giving reasons for people to host their websites with me (see the post here).

I’m very grateful for the opportunity and the exposure she has given me, but more than that, I am just in awe of what a creative way that was to thank me for the work I did.

The whole world of social media opens up incredible new ways to be creative, to stand out and to do things that you’ve never been able to do before.

YOU can be creative with social media if you just put your mind to it.

Katdish wanted to thank me and came up with the idea of doing it by having me write a post – and you can come up with equally creative ways to achieve whatever you want.

How will YOU be innovative and creative online today?