Did He REALLY Just Say That?

Yesterday, a certain Christian book publishing CEO tweeted something which made me think, “Did he really just say that?”

Of course, he didn’t really just say that, but 140 characters can be just enough to say something which can be completely misunderstood or misinterpreted.

The tweet said:

I would never have predicted that a bio of Bonhoeffer would be our bestselling book. 600 pages. $29.99: http://ow.ly/1WO4z

Now, obviously he was marveling at how well the book had sold and was showing how unpredictable the book market can be…. but my head doesn’t work quite like that. I immediately read it slightly differently and wondered if he was really saying:

I’m CEO of a publishing company yet I have no idea which books will sell well and which won’t.

Did he really just say that?

Did he really just admit that he doesn’t know or understand the industry?


Well maybe then he was saying:

Our books are selling so badly that even a bio of Bonhoeffer is outselling them all!

Was it really a veiled reference to the poor quality of the other books they published this year?

I’m quite certain that my misinterpretations are just that – misinterpretations. Bonhoeffer’s biography is currently the 286th best selling book on Amazon – which is pretty impressive.

But who wants to interpret something accurately when you can have much more fun misinterpreting it?

So my question to you today is this:

What have you read recently which can be amusingly misinterpreted?

Share with us today, we could all do with a laugh!