Empty Head

My normal state of being is one of constant writing – in my head.

For the last decade or so, I have never been without at least three different sermons being written, re-written, practiced, scrapped, recovered and filed in the old grey matter.


Since I started blogging, those sermons had a little company while rattling around between my ears because they had to share the space with blog posts as well. Often the two would overlap. A sermon would become a blog post, a blog posts a sermon… Sometimes it was hard to see where each one stopped and the others began.

They may not have been world-changing posts and sermons, they may not even have been particularly good or even accurate most of the time but they were always there and no sooner did one get used and filed than another would jump up to take its place.

I realised tonight that for the last few weeks, things have been different.

My head is empty.

No sermons, no blog posts.


This is a problem.

At least, it’s a problem for me… probably not so much for the six billion people on the planet who don’t know who I am, and all the ones who do know who I am and don’t care what I say or write.

I guess when it’s put into perspective like that, this isn’t much of a problem at all.

‘Normal’ service might be restored some time. It all depends on whether or not I find out how to reboot my head.