Being a Good Customer

In this day and age, we have developed an entitlement mentality. In our not very humble opinions, everyone is here to SERVE us – and like medieval tyrant kings we can treat them however we want.

There is some truth to the idea that businesses need to compete for our loyalty – and wallets – because we live in a competitive economy.

There is also truth to the fact though that we should ALL remember the Golden Rule, “Do unto others as you’d have them do to you.”

We seem to often forget that part and expect superb service from others while we act selfishly and obnoxiously toward them.

We demand the best whilst oftentimes giving our very worst.

Breaking The Mold

I am very blessed to have some of the best customers in the world. My customers ROCK!

Much is written about how to give great customer service but not too much is written about how to actually be a great customer. I feel incredibly fortunate to have such great customers and so today I’d like to share some of the things I see which make my customers so great:

  1. Understand that the person you are dealing with is human. We all have our share of difficulties and problems and the person behind the counter is human, just like you. Sure, in a perfect world, they would leave all that behind when they come to work but this isn’t a perfect world so cut them a little slack!
  2. Remember that they can only do what their bosses allow them to. It can be very frustrating when a company seems to be unwilling to help or fix your problem but most of the time it’s not the person on the end of the phone’s fault so don’t take your frustration out on them.
  3. Appreciate that if the person is a small business owner, this is their livelihood you’re talking about. Sure, a discount would always be nice and getting a few dollars cut off the bill here and there is always a good way to make you happy, but they’ve also got to put food on their family’s plates and a roof over their heads. Don’t try to bankrupt them with your demands.
  4. PAY PROMPTLY. Big businesses have the cash flow to cope with you not paying until the last possible moment, small businesses don’t have that luxury. Either way though, they’ve provided a product or service. Do your part. Pay up!
  5. Be reasonable. One of the things I love most about my customers is that they don’t often demand the impossible and when they do, they understand if I tell them I just can’t do what they’re asking. Sure, you’d like to have a flying, time-traveling car but no amount of shouting at me is going to make me able to suddenly pull one out of thin air.
  6. Be grateful. If someone moves heaven and earth to get you what you want, the least you can do is say “Thank You!” Dropping a not to their boss commending them for their excellent service would never hurt either.
  7. Be as quick to tell people the good stuff as you are the bad stuff. We all like to whine and complain to our friends, family and anyone else we can corner when we feel wronged but how often do we tell others about the good things that companies do for us? Surely companies deserve a shout-out when they do something well?

I hope that we can all become better customers.

Don’t forget… one day the roles may be reversed and you may be on the receiving end of a rude, obnoxious, abusive customer – who’s just like you!

Can you think of any other ways that we can be good customers?

Are YOU a good customer?