How Can YOU Use What You Have

YOU have something worth sharing and technology is giving you myriad exciting new ways to be creative and to use the gifts and talents you’ve been blessed with – but it’s worth remembering that sometimes you don’t need technology to use your gifts.

I love seeing people share their talents with others. I have no problem whatsoever with people making money from their talents, but I also love to see people also giving back and using their gifts to help others.

Michael Hyatt Does It Again

I’ve mentioned Michael Hyatt before and how he uses his blog to share his wisdom and experience with others. Yes, you can book him to come speak at an event you’re running and I’m sure it’s not cheap to have him do so, but he also gives back by sharing openly on his blog.

There are not many people in this world who can’t learn something useful by reading Michael’s blog regularly and he astounded me yet again last week with his latest offer: Pitch your book idea directly to him.

Let me give you some background. Michael Hyatt is Chairman and CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishers, the largest Christian book publisher in the world. He’s the top dog. The man in charge.

Next April, Michael is going on a cruise. This is no ordinary cruise, no, this is a cruise specifically for creative people. It will have workshops and seminars and will be a place where creative people from all walks of life can get together and learn from and encourage each other.

Creative Ways To Help

Michael wanted to find a way to help promote the cruise and he came up with this idea: Twelve people who register for the cruise through the link on his blog will win the opportunity to spend thirty minutes one-on-one with Michael pitching their book idea.

Thirty minutes with the boss-man.


Obviously, having the chance to pitch a book to Michael does not in any way guarantee that it will get published or even that he will like it but it does mean that you will get feedback from someone who knows books and knows the industry.

Even if he loves your idea, that doesn’t mean he will publish the book, it will have to go through the same process of editors and publishing boards as any other book, I’m sure… but having the big boss on your side has got to help a little 🙂

As I read about this, I was struck by what a great way it Michael has found to use his talents (and experience) to help others.

I’m sure there are quite a few people who will be convinced to sign up for the cruise just to be in with a chance of getting to meet with Michael. It won’t cost him anything (except a little of his time) and yet it will be a big boost to the cruise organizers.

How Can You Creatively Help?

So the question to all of us is, what do we have that we can use to help others?

We may not all be CEO’s or in any position of authority but we all have gifts and abilities, we all have talents and experience. So often we feel useless and paralyzed because we see something or someone that needs help and we feel there is nothing we can do.

Today I am challenging you though to take a leaf out of Michael Hyatt’s book and get creative in finding ways you can help.

What do YOU have that you could use to help someone this week, this month or even this year?

If you’re interested in going on the Caribbean Cruise for Christian Creatives then check out Michael’s blog post here