Using What You Have (part 2)

The world is FULL of people having creative ideas of how to help others – and you can be one of them.

Yesterday, I wrote about Michael Hyatt getting creative in finding a way to help promote Randy Elrood’s Caribbean Cruise for Creatives.

Immediately after I posted that, I stumbled upon another incredibly creative way to use what you have to help others: TwitChange is a genius idea that comes from Courageous Church pastor Shaun King.

(Actually, I’m not sure exactly who thought up the idea but I know that Shaun is at the head of it)

The idea is simple:

There are many celebrities out there who use Twitter and many of those celebrities have hundreds of thousands or even millions of followers.

Most people on twitter want more followers and most people have at least one famous person who they would secretly (or not so secretly) like to have follow them.

Bring the two together and you’ve got a winning combination – and here’s how it works.

For ten days, starting today, September 15th 2010, is running an auction auctioning off one prize from each of dozens of celebrities.

The prize is that (should you win) the celebrity will:

  1. Follow you
  2. Mention you on Twitter
  3. Retweet you

The theory being that someone with a million followers mentioning your name with get you followed by many, many more people.


You want followers – they’ve got followers.

You pay enough money – they’ll get you more followers

What I’m really impressed with is the number of celebrities from all areas (actors, sportsmen/women, musicians etc) who have been willing to join in. (Click here to see the list).

It really doesn’t cost the celebrities anything, just a few moments of their time, but yet I’m sure people are going to part with very large amounts of cash to win a tweet from their favorite celebrity.

My only question is why would any celebrity NOT do it?

Now, you and I may not be celebrities but we still have SOMETHING that will help someone else.

My family and I discovered earlier this year that we have cash laying around our house that we could donate and simply standing on a street corner selling hotdogs can raise hundreds of dollars for a worthy cause.

A lady I know realized she had the personality and skills to help someone promote their new book. So she did.

My son and daughter realized that they could play with the kid crying on the playground because he had no friends. (Their Dad was mighty proud)

A guy I know online writes to me once a week or so just to say something encouraging. He has the ability and he does it. Doesn’t cost him a thing.

You have gifts, abilities, talents and endless possibilities. Use them. You’ll find it’s worth it!