Snow Day by Billy Coffey – Book Review

A couple of years ago, I read a book by Donald Miller called Blue Like Jazz. That book was so radically different from any books I had read before that I couldn’t put it down. It approached faith in a new, interesting and REAL way which I had never encountered before  – and it has become one of my favorite books.

Snow Day: A Novel by Billy Coffey is as different from other books I’ve read as Blue Like Jazz was – and it’s just as good!

Although it is described as a ‘novel’, I see it more as a series of short stories which, when placed together, produce one coherent timeline with an underlying storyline.

In many ways, it’s very much like many of the spy and cop TV shows these days where every week has a self contained story but also continues a bigger story running through the whole series.

Snow Day follows the story of Peter, a man in fear of losing his job who takes a ‘snow day’ because the overnight snowfall was so bad. All throughout his day, Peter learns important and deep lessons about life, love, friendship and faith which the reader will enjoy and glean so much from.

I read a review which called the book ‘simple’ and suggested it should have been youth fiction instead of adult fiction because it doesn’t challenge the brain enough but that’s precisely what makes this book so great.

Snow Day does not challenge the brain, it challenges the heart. Instead of making you think through an idea or concept, it lays it out simply and in a way in which anyone can understand so you don’t have to spend time working out right from wrong, instead you can spend your time inwardly digesting the valuable lessons and allowing them to change your heart, your actions and your attitude.

Snow Day is this season’s ‘must-have’ book!

Snow Day: A Novel was written by Billy Coffey and is published by Faithworks